Cold Start or Reverse Dabs involve putting the dabs inside the banger before it is heated. Traditional dabbing is when you heat the banger first, then let it cool, then put the dab inside the banger. There are many reasons why some people prefer cold start dabs, but the most popular one is you get a guaranteed low temp dab which is going to give you the best flavor possible. If you do your dab at too high of a temp, you burn off the terpenes of the dabs, which are the flavor molecules. Today I will teach you what a cold start dab is and how to do them.


Benefits of Cold-Start Dabbing

Cold start dabbing is great for people who wish to achieve a flavorful low-temperature pull without having to wait for the nail to heat and cool after each hit. It’s great if you’re pressed for time.

Dabbing cold will also preserve your hardware better than traditional dabbing techniques. By subjecting your nail to less heat, you reduce the potential for breakage and residual buildup. Quality quartz nails and borosilicate directional caps aren’t cheap and can break easily.

The Cons of Cold-Start Dabbing

Dabbing cold can waste concentrates, as some material can be left in the nail after a hit. This char and residue should be removed and disposed of, so that you start your next dab on a clean surface and can get its authentic flavor profile.

This method isn’t conducive to taking more than one dab in a session, which can be frustrating if you plan to share your rig with friends or want to load up more concentrates. The time saved by cold start dabbing is essentially wasted when you have to wait for the nail to fully cool in order to clean it.

Ideally, cold start dabs are best when using borosilicates, but this type of hardware can be expensive and needs care. Dabbing cold is great if you’re strapped for time and want a flavorful single pull without having to stop and wait, and if you want to preserve the flavors of your concentrate.

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