Today I will germinate seeds for the first time. The way that I learned how to do this was from the YouTube channel From Seed to Stoned. I know that he did not create this method, but it is where I learned it from so I want to make sure he gets his credit. I have learned a lot from Mr. Canucks Grow and From Seed to Stoned among others. Also I have learned a lot from all my personal friends who grow. Being that I am the Do You Dab guy, I have a lot of friends who grow now and give me great advice. Thanks to everyone who is helping me. This is 2nd grow, I just started my 1st one. 25 days ago. Check out the channel to see how that grow is going. This grow is being Sponsored by Mars Hydro. Join me as we learn more about growing cannabis and about autoflowers in particular.

Sponsored by Mars Hydro

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