My favorite late night host is Conan O’Brien. He has a segment on his show called Clueless Gamer where he plays videos games and review them. It is funny because he is not a gamer. In that same vein, I am starting a series on the channel called Clueless Drinker. I am not a drinker at all. I haven’t had a drink in over a decade and I have no bartending experience or anything like that. I am going to make a Long Island Iced Tea, and you its GoodEats420 style.

Clueless Drinker: How To Make A Long Island Iced Tea


  • 1 fl oz lemon juice
  • 1 fl oz infused simple syrup
  • .5 fl oz vodka
  • .5 fl oz gin
  • .5 fl oz tequilla
  • .5 fl oz rum
  • .5 fl oz triple sec
  • Splash of Coke-cola to taste and color
  • 1 lemon (optional)

Supply List

Bartender Set –

Cutting board –


  1. Place all ingredients in shaker then place ice in shaker.
  2. Shake for 10 seconds
  3. Ice glass then strain drink in glass
  4. Finish off with coke-cola and lemon
  5. Enjoy


The simple syrup that we made on the channel had 910 mg of THC. We made 2 cups of simple syrup with the recipe we used. Because of this each fl oz of simple syrup is 57 mg of THC. If you want to learn how to calculate dosage for drinkables or edibles, watch the videos below.

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